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thank_you in pomeranians

Mulder goes to school

Hi all,

I go to technical college once a year (for about a month) as a part of my trade apprenticeship. For a part of this block we had to do a speech on something important to us, and I talked about Pomeranians. Mulder went in to school with me today!

Mulder @ school

@ home



Awww Mulder looks happy to be home. Sorta like me when I went to school. LOL
If I took Chloe to any kind of place with a lot of people, I think she would implode from excitement ;)
LOL yes, that's why I chose to take him and not the others... he just sort of chilled out and had a nap while I did my work.
omg the @ home pic is so cute!
Im jealous. I wish I could take Chex to school with me! :(
He is beautiful. How old is he?
He says thank you :-D I think he's nearly a year and a half old now.
smiling :D
Yes hehehe <3 He has a great personality, always happy!