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Tips on a luxating patella

Hello everyone! I'm the mom to a 6 year old pomeranian whose recently been feeling the effects of a luxating patella.

I was just wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to deal with his luxating patella. When he was a baby, he sometimes lifted his leg from time to time (probably one every week or two for about five minutes) but the problem has been getting pretty serious within the last six months. He's about a 2/3 out of a scale of 5, which means he's able to walk and run on his legs when we go outside to play but usually when he's home he hops along on three legs and struggles a bit getting up from a laying position or going up the stairs. He doesn't yelp in pain or seem in much discomfort besides just being frustrated with his hindrance of mobility.

I talked to my vet about my options and he's strongly opposed to surgery since he thinks it's unnecessary at this stage. He said it's not that bad and gave me Cosequin DS glucosamine supplements to feed him. I see an improvement in his comfort level but he's not lifting his leg any less than before.

Any advice would be great! I'm a bit apprehensive to surgery since I've read about how it's not a guarantee and the long recovery time is stressful for the dogs. I'm actually more interested in vitamin supplements which can work at helping prevent any further damage. Should I incorporate anymore glucosamine into his diet (he's currently at 500mg)? Additionally I've seem suggestions online about Rimidyl or Standard Process brand Ligaplex II. I'm concerned about his joint health as well as preventing arthritis.

And lastly, I think his weight is making matters worse! My vet told me that I needed to help him lose three pounds, which we're working on (he's a big boy, about 15 now. Definitely not a teacup). He's lost about 1/2 a pound since August, which is good but would losing more weight helping his patella?

Thanks for your help! Here are some pictures :)

pancake, lol

back when he was so tiny! He grew out of that green collar FAST.
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