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kali_shey in pomeranians

questions and vent about the vet...

Hi! My name is Lexi and I have two Poms, both 5 months old, a chocolate male and a white/apricot colored female. His name is 'Dutch Cocoa' and hers is 'Sasha Chanel', so together they are 'Cocoa Chanel' (I know, spelled wrong but still cute).

Anyway, they just went to the vet for the last of their puppy shots and a rabies shot, and when we called to make the appointment I had asked how big they thought they would get (based on their current rate of growth and their ages). This is the conversation we had:

Vet Receptionist: "Well, that depends... are they toy Poms or standard Poms?"

Me: "There's no such thing as a toy Pom. All Poms are standard Poms."

Vet Receptionist: "Then how come some of them are so much smaller?"

Me: "The breed standard is 3-7 pounds, which is what most people think of as a 'toy' dog but that's a standard Pom. Some are bigger, for various reasons, but they're all Poms".

Vet Receptionist: "If they're toy then they're probably done growing, and if they're not, they'll probably keep growing until they're a year."

Me: o_0 ..... "kthnxbye"

So, since I know there are breeders and knowledgeable people here, I'll ask you guys =)

Here is their growth so far:

"Cocoa" DOB 02/02/10
05/03/10 2.14 pounds
05/29/10 3.06 pounds
06/23/10 3.11 pounds

"Chanel" DOB 02/08/10
05/03/10 1.15 pounds
05/29/10 2.04 pounds
06/23/10 2.08 pounds

I'm wondering how much more they will grow... the vet seems to think not much. Cocoa has started to lose his baby teeth, if that helps at all.

Here are some photos I took of them when they first got here, though they don't look much different now except that Chanel's tail is starting to get the typical Pom 'poof'.



I'm guessing 5-6 lb., but that's just a guess.
If they were larger than standard I think they'd have started bigger and would be bigger by now.

I got Bowser at 10 months, and the breeder said he was "full grown" at 9 months. When he weighed in at the vet he was 5.4 lb. and my groomer friend said he was too skinny. You could feel his spine and ribs too easily. Now, a day after his second birthday, the vet weighed him in at 7.4 lb. and said he is in perfect shape and health. Even if they reach their full size at 10 months of age, they might still fill out for a year, just like their coats will continue to mature until they are 3. (That's the part that amazes me more, his coat keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I feel like it'll never stop! XD)
Thank you! Their coats are just amazing (Poms). I had a rescue Pom before we got these two, and her coat was just beautiful. She had health issues and passed away a few months ago :(

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They're adorable.
My guess, from pups I've had, is they'll still grow some, probably a couple more pounds each at least. 5 months is very young to stop growing, 9-12 months is a lot more likely.
I would guess they'll be in the 5-6 pound range.

There's a few 'standard weight charts' out there but my experience has been that they're just plain not that accurate.
I saw a few of those. I suppose I will just have to wait and see... I thought my Brussels Griffon was going to be small but he ended up at almost 15 pounds, which is big for a Griffon.
Omg your babies are absolutely adorable! :']

Ugh, the toy thing pisses me off so much. I constantly have strangers come up to me and try to tell me that Moco is a toy pom. >:|
Thanks! =) Don't you love it when total strangers argue with you about your dog? lol My friend has a Pom/Maltese mix that a woman in line at the pet store told her was "very obviously a long-haired Chihuahua". My friend corrected her and the lady kept on, telling my friend that she was basically lied to by the breeder - well, the breeder is a mutual friend of ours and we know the dog's parents, so... yeah. People can be so ridiculous when they're sure they're right.
Ugh, yeah, it really weirds me out sometimes how clinically people will talk about my dog to me. They'll come up and compliment his color, head shape, size, and then tell me about theirs. I seldom hear names or personality traits, they just tell me how small and uniquely colored their poms are. :/ Like they're little trophies and not pets.
my female pom stopped growing when she hit 4 months old or 2 and a quarter. her mom was 7lbs and her dad was 8lbs. Out of all of her litters my pup has been the smallest ever shes now 3 this august. however her mom precious just had another littler (although wouldnt call it litter since it was only one pup but still) and that pup has topped out at about 3 and a half pounds.

My male pom stopped growing at about a year and a half and hes 9 lbs. his mom was 6lbs and his dad was 8lbs. He turned 3 in april.
woops ment to say i think it really depends on the dog. However i agree with the commenter abve that 5 months is a little young to stop growing.
I'm wondering if Chanel will be a runt ~ she is the smallest of the litter, so it's possible she'll stay small.

Not helpful, just ranting

Ugh, I hate how bad breeders are trying to add all these bizarre distinctions among Poms and ignorant people are repeating them! I told a woman I had a Pomeranian and she asked me what kind. I was confused, I just described my dog (age, weight, color) and said I didn't quite understand. She then told me HER Pomeranian was a "Rolls Royce" Pomeranian. I was too weirded out to ask what that was. I've tried googling it and I still don't know what she was talking about.

Thanks to True Blood, I can now at least feel less hate when people mention "tea cup dogs," after Eric described children as "teacup humans."

Re: Not helpful, just ranting

A "Rolls Royce" Pom? ::: cracking up :::

That's a good one!

I also like the "teacup humans." I'm totally going to start calling kids that, now! =)
I really have no idea but the 5-6 range people have suggested makes sense to me. When I bought Steve he was probably around 3-4 pounds and at 18 weeks he was 7 1/2. I don't remember when he stopped growing but he ended up at about 12 lbs (and he's very thin- boy has some long legs and some big bones, haha!)