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kali_shey in pomeranians

RIP Zoe Isabella

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I had a Pom before. When we lost Zoe, it was very sudden. We only had her for a year - she was a rescue, who had 'special needs', which we quickly determined to be food allergies. Previously, her owner before us had her on continuous steroids, antihistamines and antibiotics for various skin and ear infections. All we did was change her food, and it all cleared up.

Six months before she died, we had taken her in to see the vet because we noticed she seemed to get tired very quickly on walks and would do the "goose honk" cough. We asked for x-rays, and asked about collapsed trachea. The vet said she didn't need to x-ray her because it was likely she did have a tracheal problem since many Poms she sees do. She said to have her lose some weight to help her breathing (she was 4 pounds when we got her, very little fur in patches due to the allergies and malnourished - on the new food and without the meds and allergic reactions, she quickly went up to 8 pounds - the vet said she wanted her to be around 6 pounds). We got her weight down over a 4 month period to the 6 pound mark. Her breathing issues did seem to get better, and she could walk longer distances after the weight loss.

Then, one morning we came to get her out of her crate (she liked to sleep in there - we tried getting her to sleep in her own bed in our room or even with us and she would never relax - she could only seem to sleep in her crate which had come with her from her previous home, to the rescue, and then to us) but she wouldn't wake up. She was completely limp. The vet thought she probably went during the night due to the tracheal issue.

We were VERY angry. We no longer use that vet (VCA Animal Hospital). Our new vet was appalled that more was not done when we had taken her in previously. To top it off, we lost her the same week as the 2 year anniversary of my Dad's death.

I had been seriously depressed since it happened and we looked for another Pom like her. I finally realized, I couldn't replace Zoe, no matter how much I wanted to. When we got the two new puppies, I realized that they aren't her... but they are their own version of wonderfulness and I feel very lucky to have them in our family.

This is Zoe... she wasn't actually 'fat' in this video (she was 6 pounds) but her hair was so crazy and big, she always looked chubby until you gave her a bath... lol


Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful Zoe <3 For what it's worth, you've inspired me to get my Barney to the vet this week. He's been doing more of the goose honking and doesn't seem to want to be as active as he once was. He's a special needs boy and only 3 years old (a rescue).

Thank you for sharing your story. *hug*
I had read about collapsing trachea before this happened, but I had always heard that there is a lot that can be done if found early and treated promptly. After Zoe died, I went on some online Pom forums and found that this sort of thing is common (wrong diagnosis or vets not taking it seriously). One woman I spoke with said getting a second opinion from a different vet saved her dog's life. The previous vet had diagnosed her dog with pneumonia and it was actually collapsing trachea. The new vet said her dog probably would have died if she hadn't pushed for a second opinion.

I hope your boy is feeling better soon. I am so glad that Zoe's story inspired you. She was a wonderful little girl.
What a cutie. We lost our little fatty girl to a collapsed trachea earlier this year. It's so awful to hear them try to breath through that. My concolences on you r loss.
Thank you. I am sorry to hear about your little girl. <3
I despise VCA animal centers ever since I got a "free" check-up for a ferret I adopted and they were completely ridiculous. I'm so sorry that happened to you. Those places are awful!
I had a bad experience with Banfield with my Griffon, and heard horrible things about Companion Pet Clinic. Now VCA is another to add to the 'never again' list. I probably could have attempted legal action, but it wouldn't bring Zoe back :(
Poor Zoe, she was a beautiful dog. I'm glad she was in a good home going on walks and eating good food and didn't die while miserable under the care of those original owners.
Thank you. She was very loved, not just by us but everywhere she went by everyone she met. She was definitely a 'people dog'. The whole neighborhood was heartbroken.
I'm so sorry for your loss. Zoe was a gorgeous dog and she looked like she had the sweetest personality. I think it's wonderful you gave her a good home and were able to vastly improve the quality of her life by just changing her diet. I'm sure she passed in complete contentment. :]
that video is so precious and adorable.