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raelouise in pomeranians

Just realised that I joined here before I had my little Pom, just to check out other people's experiences and seek out some advice, and then never shared anything once I got him home! It's been a while now, as I brought him home in June, but this is my lil pom baby, Zombie, saying hello! He's a pretty tiny example of a Pom, and as you can see, Orange Sable [though the lighitng of some images changes that up a little]. Mind you, despite his size, the biggest dogs in the park are his favourite to befriend!

Giving me a huge grin, haha. He's always compared to a lion or baby fox.

His first day home with us, so he's 8 weeks here. He settled right in which I was really relieved about.

Another older picture, he's still a little fluff ball here.

Zombie on a walk in one of our favourite parks [it took so long to get him to stand still for one photo!]

His 'pleeeease Mama' face.

And asleepin', I just love how he crosses his paws.

He's a pretty well behaved puppy, really. He's my first dog so I guess we're learning together but since I've been asking for a pup since I was 2, and finally got one at 19, I can definitely say he was worth the forever wait! He's a lovely little split between lap dog and adventure pup! He is also pretty quiet- I heard Pom's were yappy but he's real quiet unless he's arguing with the hoover or a cat.

One thing is- he is convinced my cats want to play, and they're not sure, which has resulted in a few little scuffles [which he unfortunately, doesn't seem to learn from]. Anyone got any advice for that? He'll have a chilled ten minutes, just laying with them, and then out of nowhere he'll be bouncing and nipping at them and they don't appreciate it! He was a little mouthy, too, as much as we reprimanded him for that, but he seems to be mellowing as he gets a little order and being more content with licking than chewing.


When I opened your cut link and saw that first picture I went "AWWWWW" so loud that it woke my pup up, hahaha! He is just precious! Makes me want more pom puppies!

I think in regards to your cat issue you're just going to have to let them be as long as they aren't hurting each other. Steve was the same way with our two kitties when he was a puppy, but the combination of getting older (although not mellower!) and having a few good claws to the muzzle taught him that cats do not like to play. They lived with mutual respect and distance now, haha.
Thank you! He does make me smile, haha, he's such a pretty boy.

And thanks for the cat advice, I figured that would be the best plan anyway haha. I can trust them not to maul each other, even if they all get a little aggravated at times, so that's a start!

Thanks again n_n
lol I know! that first picture killed me!
Sorry I missed this one but thank you, your icon is adorable.
D'awww, he's so precious! He looks a lot like my Moco. :']

thank you! n_n
EEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's such a cutie mccutiepants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His baby pictures make me want another baby!!!!
Hehehe thank youuu!