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babicakess in pomeranians

Bruno Pie!

I have some pictures of my little boy Bruno! He is going to be two on January 17th! He is growing up waaaay toooo fast! It makes me very sad! =[

I know these are pretty late but they are still adorable none the less!

So mad at me!


loves loves loves the snow, and his green man!                                                                                                                           


he is a DOLL!
I love his white patches. XD

Be really careful with that garland. :(
My co-worker's dog just had to have TWO SURGERIES within THREE DAYS because he ate some tinsel or garland and after the second surgery her bill total was about $10,000 just for a 50% chance of survival.

He is now fine, but oh my god.
And it was a 15 pound dog.
It doesn't take much.
love the picture of him running with his green friend!
Heee, I love the action shot of Bowser. He looks really athletic! Are you doing agility training with him? I'm thinking of trying it with my little guy.