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babicakess in pomeranians

My Bruno turned 2 today!



Sick of pictures already! haha

His cakes!

Loved them!

I love this.

Mom and I.

Bruno and Grandma!

Mommy and I<3


Running towards mommy

Lounging in the snow


wow! how much does bruno weigh? he has to be the largest pomeranian i've seen...unless you are super tiny. :)
he is 12lbs, hes not a teacup so hes not tiny. I like his size, he hikes mountains and goes on long walks with us!
I've met one who was 18lbs!
haha mine isn't a teacup either and he's only 6lbs. it's great and all, but i would love a larger pom so i'm not as worried about playtime with other dogs. so cute!
yeah I love his size. My boyfriend and I have another dog, hes huge. He weighs 56lbs and hes 6 months old and they pay rough together but Bruno can hold his own, it still scares me though!
^he's probably a Victorian pomeranian then =) mine is too♥♥!

happy birthday to baby bruno!!
Yes I love him! and thank you!
Super cute!! Happy Birthday! Looks like he had a wonderful day!

Nicky's 14# and his size is just perfect! I went to go see a standard 5# but he was just too small and I was looking for a good walking partner. I love the jumbo Poms!
Yeah I love my hiking buddy! <3
what is his cake made of??
It's a banana and carrob chip cake with carrob frosting. I make so many homemade treats for him!
my pom loves banana!
Aww, he's adorable! Happy birthday to him! :)
Thank you so much!
What a beautiful fur baby
aw, he's adorable! happy belated birthday, bruno. :)