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gumiho in pomeranians

poms as apartment pets?

Hi all,
I have a question for all you single pom moms! I will be graduating soon and moving out on my own, probably to a studio/bachelor's pad or a one-bdrm apartment. I will likely have a standard M-F, 9-5 job. I've wanted a pom forever, and I know that they can be great apartment pets, but will a pom be okay with being left alone for these periods of time? How about with a cat as company? I would greatly appreciate some feedback from any people with experience in this type of situation.

Thank you.

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An adult dog? Maybe, it depends on the dog.
A Puppy? No.

It really depends on a lot of factors.
Do you plan on going out at night, leaving little puffball alone for longer than 8 hours a day? Smaller dogs have smaller bladders. They are also a very active breed, and need a lot of physical exercize and mental stimulation.

I'm not trying to dissuade you, but it sounds like you don't even know if you'll have a job yet or not. There's a lot to get settled in with before a dog might fit well in your life.
thanks for your input :) and, i totally want people to dissuade me if they feel it's the right thing to do! i don't want to put an animal in a situation where they will be feeling neglected!

i'm most likely going to be adopting, not buying a puppy with a breeder, so it will be at least a young adult. i haven't secured a job yet, but i wouldn't take on the responsibility of a pet until i was in a secure position -- just thought i'd do my research first!

i've heard that pomeranians can be potty (pad) trained, so i was wondering if that was an option.

as for exercise, i was wondering if a walk in the morning & in the evening after i got back from work, as well as companionship from a cat would be sufficient stimulation.
I haaaaaate pad training. Once you've trained them to pee on The Pad, it is near impossible to get them trainied to go outside. My boy was pad trained by the breeder, and in New House anything on the floor? It must be a pee pad! Towel? Pee pad! Rug? Pee pad! Shirt? Pee pad!

Crate training is much more effective. My two dogs are trained to ring bells by the door when they have to go out... it is currently my favorite method. Bowser, since he was so pad-obsessed and 2 years old, didn't get it right away, but after we got the Mastiff puppy, (who picked up on the bells at the age of 13 weeks after THREE DAYS,) he watched baby brother and learned.

Remember, if you adopt an older dog from a shelter, there is no guarantee that it will be potty trained yet. =(

I am glad you are doing research early! I planned for 5 years before I got Bowser. XD
My little numb nuts will ONLY pee on her pee pad LOL!
That is so freaking cool with the bells!
that is some amazing training you have done there!! thanks for the warnings :)
We trained pom and pug to use a "litter box" even though we're home a lot as students. When we got them we lived on the 30th floor so it made training to go out a little more difficult lol. They use it exclusively now and it's made our lives a lot easier. You just have to be diligent about keeping it clean or it'll smell. They have dog litter boxes and dog litter or other kinds that have fake grass over a grate. We use the Rascal Dog Litter boxes since they have sides which is a must for the boys.

I can't say much about being gone that long since between my boyfriend and I someone is home most hours of the day. That said, he seems pretty content having his pug buddy to play with if we're out of extended periods.
ooh, a dog litter box sounds interesting, do you usually clean it every day or every couple of days/how long did it take to train them?

thanks for your input!
I have a larger Pom (14 pounds) and he does just fine during a regular work day. He is crated because he can get into trouble. I adopted him from a rescue that is foster home based so I suggest going that route. They will be able to tell you if the dog is potty trained or crate trained, if it's a barker etc. and it will already be used to a home setting so the transition will be less stressful.
thank you for sharing your experience :)
Hiya! I'm in your situation - I adopted a 2yr old rescue dog named Fozzy after doing research and planning for several months. I work 8pm-4:30pm, Monday to Friday, so to answer your question, yep, a pomeranian can indeed make a great apartment pet. Fozzy has had a few accidents, particularily when we were figuring each other out in those first few weeks, but I've developed a good routine for the pup.

If you do get a Pom (and wow, good for you for going with a rescue organization than a breeder) just remember: setting a schedule and sticking to it is the best way to set your dog up for success. I take my little guy out several times during the day (first thing in the morning, right away when I come home, and once every couple of hours afterward). If I'm going to be late or going out after work I make sure to get home at lunchtime to let him out. He's great at holding it, and the only accidents he's had were the result of seizures (which have thankfully been resolved) and sometimes when he gets too excited.

Anyway, it's best to get your dog on a schedule so he has a good idea of how long he's got to hold it. My dog has a good internal clock, and he's also very good at getting my attention to let me know he needs to potty. (He dances around, whines a little, and scratches his belly. Very cute!) If you can, training your dog to alert you with the bell system mentioned upthread is a great idea. Most Poms are incredibly smart, and they like the mental stimulation of training. I hope the cat will be good company - I'm starting to think about getting a second companion dog for Fozzy so he isn't alone for those long stretches when I'm at work.

And remember, if you're adopting a rescue dog, the life that you can provide for them far surpasses what they would experience in a shelter. Even the best organizations can't provide the same environment of a loving forever home, and your dog will love you despite those first-time mistakes every new dog owner makes. Animals are very forgiving creatures! :-)

Wow, sorry to leave such an epic reply. I hope you'll post more if/when you decide to take the plunge and become a Pom owner!