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shardayr1986 in pomeranians

Question x-x

Okay so, I have a pom pom she is 2 years old her name is Kinatsu her pictures have been posted on this comm before by me and my cousin pocki_c. Anyways, I have been having a problem with "scolding" her. Sometimes she does her potty outside of the wee wee pad, what I do is take her to the place that she did a no no at, let her know that she did something wrong ,and then I put her in the bath room for 5 mins. I wanted to know if there was a better way to scold her because every time I do that to her I feel so guilty >_<.

thank you before hand.



Nooo, don't scold her for it. She won't make the connection between going outside of the pad and you showing her the mess. All that will do is confuse and scare her. She doesn't know why you put her in a room. All she knows is that "sometimes mom gets mad for no reason and puts me in a room". If you catch her in the act, quickly pick her up and put her on the pad (if that's where you want her to go forever. If you want her to learn to go outside, then take her outside). You can try putting a little bit of her urine on the pad to urge her to go in that spot. If she goes on the pad, praise her generously~! If she doesn't, clean the mess and try again next time. There's no point in getting too angry with her. I recommend teaching a dog to potty outside, though. It lets her know that the place we pee is not the same as the place where we eat and play. It's a big distinction to have to make for a little dog! If you decide do that, just wait outside with her until she potties. No playing, just wait for her to pee. If she doesn't go, take her back outside in 20-30 mins.

It's very important to have her on a feeding routine. Plan exactly when she will have her meals and take her to potty 45 mins to an hour later (since she's so old already). This will help you know almost exactly when she will have to potty. Most importantly, watch her CAREFULLY! Dogs show a few signs when they want to potty (sniffing around, walking in circles, acting a little anxious) If you can't watch her, then put her in a crate so she won't make a mistake. You want to set her up for success~! :D
She does go by herself to the wee pad, but sometimes she goes to my mom's room and does her business on the carpet or she goes to the living room to do it. I understand missing near the wee wee pad since all she can do is feel it with her paws and thinking she is in.
If she's going anywhere other than the pad to potty, then she's not potty trained. It seems to me like she still needs that reinforcement. She needs to know that peeing in on the carpet is not acceptable. Just do the things I suggested and she should be well on her way. :)

As for thinking she's on it but not really (missing it by just a few inches) then maybe you can lay down more potty pads for her so she has a wider space?
Oh and my three dogs (one of which is my pom, Paisley ♥ ) were all successfully potty trained like this. :D The youngest is 4 months old and he hasn't had an accident in the house since we first got him! :3
Thank you~ I will have to do that, though when I move in with my bf I will have to start taking her outside. should I try to take her every 45 mins after she eats her food? so the can learn how to go outside?

sorry for the many questions >_
Yeah, that would be a good idea. And if you sit around outside for a while and she still hasn't gone, you can go back in for a bit, but bring her back out in another 20 mins or so. And watch her, just in case she has to go sooner. I hope this helps!
You have been very helpful thank you very much ^_^
Scolding does nothing unless you catch her in the act. In that case a loud clap to interrupt her and immediately taking her to the pad and praise praise praise when she goes will work.

If it's after the fact, they don't know what they did and you're pretty much just scaring her. You're not supposed to do anything if you're not catching her in the act.

If she's wandering out of your sight and going to the bathroom you could give the tether method a try. Leash her (can be a couple leashes together to give her a bit more room) and attach the leash to your belt so she can't leave the room, and if you leave the room she has to come with you so you can keep an eye on her. When you notice circling/sniffing take her over to her pads and praise praise praise when she goes.

My mom's Silky is 1.5 and she still has some problems but mostly due to human error. I kept track of time between accidents and figured out how often she needs to go. She doesn't tell us she needs to go, so we have to watch the clock.

Then once dogs have reliable training, you should still praise them every once and a while to keep it fresh in their mind that they are doing the right thing.
Thank you~ I have catch her in the act when she is done and jumps away from it >_< which is why I tell her no bad, but when she does it and I didn't see it I don't even bother telling her bad or anything like that I just go clean it. I have her a we pad on the entrance to my room and one in my room just in case she cant make it to the room. (her hang out place is the living room which is next to my room)