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shardayr1986 in pomeranians

Question x-x

Okay so, I have a pom pom she is 2 years old her name is Kinatsu her pictures have been posted on this comm before by me and my cousin pocki_c. Anyways, I have been having a problem with "scolding" her. Sometimes she does her potty outside of the wee wee pad, what I do is take her to the place that she did a no no at, let her know that she did something wrong ,and then I put her in the bath room for 5 mins. I wanted to know if there was a better way to scold her because every time I do that to her I feel so guilty >_<.

thank you before hand.



Scolding does nothing unless you catch her in the act. In that case a loud clap to interrupt her and immediately taking her to the pad and praise praise praise when she goes will work.

If it's after the fact, they don't know what they did and you're pretty much just scaring her. You're not supposed to do anything if you're not catching her in the act.

If she's wandering out of your sight and going to the bathroom you could give the tether method a try. Leash her (can be a couple leashes together to give her a bit more room) and attach the leash to your belt so she can't leave the room, and if you leave the room she has to come with you so you can keep an eye on her. When you notice circling/sniffing take her over to her pads and praise praise praise when she goes.

My mom's Silky is 1.5 and she still has some problems but mostly due to human error. I kept track of time between accidents and figured out how often she needs to go. She doesn't tell us she needs to go, so we have to watch the clock.

Then once dogs have reliable training, you should still praise them every once and a while to keep it fresh in their mind that they are doing the right thing.
Thank you~ I have catch her in the act when she is done and jumps away from it >_< which is why I tell her no bad, but when she does it and I didn't see it I don't even bother telling her bad or anything like that I just go clean it. I have her a we pad on the entrance to my room and one in my room just in case she cant make it to the room. (her hang out place is the living room which is next to my room)