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yurusumaji in pomeranians

Welcome to Stinky Lake!

The dogs smell so bad after swimming here, but I can't help but let them go anyway because it's somewhat nearby, the weather has been completely ridiculous lately and they always have a blast. How can you say no to a Pom face?

He got a big old burr in his ear, but his face was so priceless. :D

The other white thing you see is some jackass's Taco Bell bag.


eeeeeeeee so cuuuute!!!!
Ha ha. Why thank you. :3
My ginger was like that, loved to get in the water, ChoDan hated it. Your babies are adorable
We went last week and as soon as Apollo (the white one) saw the water he literally jumped in. Kuma walked on the rocks at the edge with a little coaxing. This week daddy showed him how fun swimming is. He's a little nervous about it and he's not as skilled as Apollo, but he had fun so that was cool.

Thank you. ♥
If anyone happens to be in DFW and wants to do a Pom meetup at an UNSTINKY swimming lake, drop me an email or a PM! :) My guys like to swim and I have a good spot!
This is kind of ironic since we'll be in DFW on August 6th, but we'll be dog-free. :(
Well, if you want a pom fix, you're welcome to drop me an email. :P
Probably not this year, but maybe next summer. :) My husband is leaving mid-August until late September and (hopefully) by then the blasted heat will be a bit less prominent.
Haha aw, I love pom swimming pictures! Especially with all the fur fanned out- so cute! But man do I know what you mean by lake smell. Every time Steve takes a dip in the lake at our local dog park he has to go straight to the bath, haha. Condensed lake smell is the worst!


"But mom, just because there is no water doesn't mean I don't want to swim!"
Omg, that first picture is so amazing. XD

I took Bowser to the beach for the first time, but as usual for him, he hated it.

I'm glad your boys have such a good time in the water!
Lol! Well Apollo is very adventurous and has always loved water. I don't think Kuma would have gone in if he hadn't watched Apollo go bolting into the water like it was the funnest thing he had ever laid eyes on. Hubbs and I take our shoes off so we can get on the rocks, so we're in the water as well. Eventually Kuma doesn't want to be left out. It's so hot out here though that they love the lake now because it cools them off.
i love poms swimming!!! nacho went for his first swim this weekend. pictures to come!