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slightly_paved in pomeranians

any one feed their dog raw food? i've been thinking about making the switch but i want to do as much research as possible before i try. any opinions would be helpful. thanks!


Raw diets are the most biologically appropriate food you could feed a cat or dog. There are many different ways to raw food, but I advocate pre-made raw diets. My little Pom does best on Primal. I do not advocate the "Raw Meaty Bone" diet that the internet raw feeders demand we feed, because it is incomplete and unregulated and unsafe. Raw bones are good for a dog's teeth, but they do need fruits and vegetables, regardless of what the people in rawdogs tout.

If you have any questions about it, or would like any advice about it, feel free to ask/PM me and I will gladly help you out; from what to food to how much. Bowser is currently on 50/50 grain-free kibble/canned, but in a couple months I intend on making the switch back. He's doing well and I don't want to tempt fate at the moment, but I hate that he's eating such heavily processed stuff right now. :(
thank you for this! i have come across so much information that i really am not sure where to start. hearing from other pom owners who have expierience with this sounds pretty safe. i'll be looking into Primal!
Nature's Variety and Stella & Chewy's are 2 popular brands, but they both contain 95% "meat". The 95 includes ground muscle meat, ground organ meat, and ground bone. Primal diets are 50% to 85% meats. When Bowser was on 95%'s, which is a little more "natural" for canines, Bowser was so constipated from the high bone/calcium he went two whole days at a time without poop!

On Primal he was perfect.

One thing about Primal, they list the same feeding guidelines on all of their formulas. After you find it and try it out to make sure your dogs like it, it's best to feed based on how many calories your dogs need.

There is a formula I can give you.

I work in a holistic pet nutrition store, so I have all this information. XD
i would LOVE this information, can you email it to me at JennHasFeet@gmail.com?
I loled at the email address. XD

I sure will!!
thanks, doll!
found out i can't get this food any closer than 50 miles away! i'll try to look for more pre-made raw diets. thanks!
Northwest Naturals is OK, but Bowser was allergic to the inulin they add. You can try the Nature's Variety, it's more easily accessible. If he gets blocked up, you can just add some more veggies to the diet. :D Pumpkin, peas, green beans, or sweet potatoes are good. Salmon Oil or a green like Kale or Kelp is also good. Probiotics and Enzymes help.

No diet is REALLY complete, but premade raw is moreso than homemade raw. :3
Hi, I know this is a really old thread (sorry about that) but i just stumbled across it and I wondered if you were still pretty happy with Primal for your pom?

I'm looking into getting a pom in the next year or so and I've been going back and forth on the diet. I have two cats and they're on a diet of grain-free canned in the morning and raw at night. I've tried a lot of different raw brands with them and Primal's been the winner so far (well, that and Rad Cat but that stuff is way too expensive!) so i'm considering going that direction for my future dog.

I just wanted some input from someone who has fed Primal to a pom on how they like it.
I've fed raw on and off for several years, and am currently starting up with it again. I do NOT like pre-made raw (I think it's generally massively overpriced, and while it's expensive-but-do-able for one small dog, it's unaffordable for my whole crew.)

I do a more traditional BARF diet with RMB and cooked veggie mush. I also feed some cooked grains- I've found that my dogs generally do better with some carbs in the diet. The most important thing is variety.
Green Pawz in ann arbor carries raw dog food, and really good organic canned meats. I use the canned meats for my dog, he loves it.
Oh, and the owner [one of them] has 2 poms, both do the raw meat diet. Maybe you can consult with him, John since he's pretty experienced with that issue.
We mince various cuts ourselves and mix in veggies and oil (one with cod liver and some other stuff in it for skin and coat health). I've seen a dramatic improvement since changing the diet around a bit and eliminating grain as per advice I've received, BUT, that was specific to our situation also.