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shardayr1986 in pomeranians

Question x-x

Okay so, I have a pom pom she is 2 years old her name is Kinatsu her pictures have been posted on this comm before by me and my cousin pocki_c. Anyways, I have been having a problem with "scolding" her. Sometimes she does her potty outside of the wee wee pad, what I do is take her to the place that she did a no no at, let her know that she did something wrong ,and then I put her in the bath room for 5 mins. I wanted to know if there was a better way to scold her because every time I do that to her I feel so guilty >_<.

thank you before hand.



Thank you~ I will have to do that, though when I move in with my bf I will have to start taking her outside. should I try to take her every 45 mins after she eats her food? so the can learn how to go outside?

sorry for the many questions >_
Yeah, that would be a good idea. And if you sit around outside for a while and she still hasn't gone, you can go back in for a bit, but bring her back out in another 20 mins or so. And watch her, just in case she has to go sooner. I hope this helps!
You have been very helpful thank you very much ^_^